Berihu Aregawi of Ethiopia aims for World Cross Country championship title leading up to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Aregawi’s career took a significant turn in 2018 when he won the 3000m gold at the African Youth Games, secured silver at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, and claimed the 10,000m bronze at the World U20 championship. These successes marked a breakthrough in his athletic journey.

The following year, Aregawi gained confidence by winning the Great Ethiopian 10km run and came close to setting a course record. This win propelled him into the senior ranks, where he continued to strive for excellence in his performances. Despite coming agonizingly close to winning a medal at his debut Olympics and missing out on maiden World Championship medals in Oregon and Budapest, Aregawi remained determined to succeed.

In 2021, Aregawi broke the 5km world record on the road and earned a silver medal in Bathurst. These achievements further fueled his ambition to become one of the best in the sport. Reflecting on his career, Aregawi emphasized that each race was crucial in his development as an athlete. He mentioned winning a silver medal at the World Cross and earning three gold medals and one bronze at National Cross Country as key moments in his career. Despite facing challenges, Aregawi remained grateful for his successes and committed to reaching new heights in his athletic journey.

Overall, Aregawi’s achievements have been remarkable throughout his career. His dedication to excellence has propelled him from winning medals at youth competitions to breaking world records and earning silver medals at major events like Tokyo Olympics. With continued hard work and determination, it is clear that Aregawi has much more success ahead of him as he continues to push himself towards becoming one of the best runners of our time.

In conclusion, Aregawi’s story is an inspiration for aspiring athletes everywhere who dream of achieving greatness in their respective sports. His perseverance through adversity, commitment to excellence, and passion for running have led him to achieve remarkable feats throughout his career. As we look forward to future competitions involving Aregwi

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