Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
People are looking for ways to spend less on Valentine’s Day due to the economy

Grinnell Florist Sees Shift in Valentine’s Day Purchases

Stephanie Latimer, operator of a floral shop in Grinnell, says that some people are scaling back their Valentine’s Day purchases this year. She explains that they are trying to save money due to changes in the economy. “We’ve seen a little bit of a shift, not huge, but a little bit with the changes in our economy,” she says.

Instead of buying large bouquets of red roses, people are opting for smaller and more compact options. They may also add on items such as balloons to go with their smaller flower arrangements. Latimer notes that this trend is not just limited to her shop but is happening all over the U-S. She believes that business will hit its peak today and tomorrow, with a store full of people and phones ringing off the hook.

“We have typically a store full of people and phones ringing off the hook, and if we don’t we’ve got order streaming in from our shoppable website,” she says. Latimer also notes that many people likely shifted their focus to getting a Valentine’s Day gift after the football season ended on Sunday.

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