12 people are reported to have drowned off the coast of Gaza following the discontinuation of aid

On Monday afternoon, twelve Palestinians tragically drowned in the sea off a beach in the northern part of the Gaza Strip while trying to reach aid supplies that had fallen into the water. According to eyewitnesses, some of the individuals who drowned were unable to swim while others became entangled in the ropes that tied the packages together. The Hamas-controlled government’s media office reported this incident on Tuesday, although it could not be independently verified.

The ongoing Gaza war has been causing significant suffering among the civilian population for over five months. Aid deliveries are scarce due to Israel keeping the border crossings in the north of Gaza closed and dangerous conditions within the coastal area making truck travel difficult. The United States, Jordan, and other countries have been conducting relief supply drops from military aircraft for over a month, with Germany also joining the initiative in mid-March. However, aid organizations stress that an airlift of this nature cannot replace transportation of relief goods by land.

The war was sparked by a horrific massacre carried out by terrorists from Hamas and other extremist Palestinian organizations on October 7th near Israel’s border with Gaza Strip. Despite efforts to bring peace and security to the region, tensions remain high and aid delivery continues to be a challenge for those living in Gaza.

By Aiden Johnson

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