Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

On Tuesday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a series of bills aimed at protecting the rights of women in Michigan. The package of bills, known as the Reproductive Health Act, repealed laws that restricted access to abortion care and ensured patients had access to certain types of reproductive healthcare.

The legislation overturned a 1931 law that criminalized healthcare providers for prescribing abortion medication, which is the most common way abortions are performed. This law had been in place for decades and prevented many women from receiving the care they needed. Additionally, a law that required abortion patients to buy separate insurance riders for abortion was also repealed, as it forced people to pay more out of pocket just in case they were assaulted.

The Reproductive Health Act also mandated that students at Michigan universities receive accurate information about reproductive healthcare. This will ensure that young people have the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies.

Governor Whitmer emphasized that the passage of Proposal 3, which enshrined abortion rights in the state constitution with 56.65% of the vote, was a significant factor in the passing of this legislation. She stated that this new legislation will lower costs for patients and providers while protecting every Michigander’s constitutional right to make their own decisions about their own body. She also highlighted the politically motivated and medically unnecessary restrictions that have been in place for decades and expressed her gratitude to those who worked tirelessly to ensure these protections were enacted into law.

In conclusion, Governor Whitmer’s office asserts that this action marks a significant step forward in expanding access to healthcare while removing unnecessary and burdensome regulations that have hindered providers and patients alike. This move will help protect reproductive rights and ensure access to safe and affordable healthcare for all Michiganders.

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