Business Campus land sale proposal under consideration by Wausau committee

The Economic Development Committee of Wausau will meet on Wednesday to discuss the potential sale of 6 acres of city-owned land at the Business Campus to Green Tree Construction. This land, which is located on the east side of 72nd Avenue and surrounded by wetlands, has been proposed for residential development by Green Tree Construction, based in Stevens Point.

The proposed development plan involves creating four residential lots on the parcel, with approximately 2.9 acres of the land to be given away for free. This transfer of property will result in additional tax revenue for Wausau once it is added to the tax roll. The remaining 3.1 acres are priced at $38,750 based on the standard per-acre price of $12,500 for the Business Campus, which includes the value of the wetlands on the property.

According to Randy Fifrick, Wausau’s Economic Development Manager, this sale represents a win-win situation for both parties. By selling the land for residential development, Wausau hopes to provide much-needed housing while generating tax revenue. The Green Tree Meadows subdivision was approved by the Wausau City Council in March after receiving approvals from both the Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee and the Plan Commission in February. This residential development will be an extension of previously approved single-family homes in the area.

The committee will review all aspects of this proposal before making a decision on whether or not to move forward with it.

In summary, this proposal by Green Tree Construction aims to create four residential lots on 6 acres of city-owned land at no cost while generating additional tax revenue for Wausau through its sale at $38,750 per acre price that includes wetland value.

By Aiden Johnson

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