Elderly Billings couple staying active with their basket-weaving business

In the early 1990s, Jill and Paul Scarpari discovered their love for creating handmade baskets. After years of honing their craft, they decided to turn their hobby into a business. Jill attended her first basket-making class in 1991 and was immediately captivated by the art form. Meanwhile, Paul was inspired by his wife’s creations and attempted to make a basket himself in 1995. Although his first attempt was not successful, he persevered until he mastered the craft.

Over the years, the Scarparis have created a wide range of baskets, from simple designs that couldn’t hold their shape to intricate pieces that stand on their own. Their family members grew tired of receiving baskets as gifts, so they began selling their creations. Today, Paul, who has been retired for 18 years, finds basket-making to be mentally stimulating as it challenges him to come up with new designs constantly.

Their baskets are available for purchase at Frae in Shiloh Commons and Three Rivers Gallery in Big Timber, with prices ranging from $20 to $300. For the Scarparis, creating these baskets is more than just a business; it’s a fulfilling hobby that keeps them busy during retirement. Their passion for basket-making has not only brought joy to their lives but also benefits their community by providing unique and beautiful handmade items for sale.

By Aiden Johnson

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