Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

On Tuesday, the Helsinki Stock Exchange opened with a general index up 0.3 percent at around 9,794.4 points. The most traded stocks on the exchange were mostly rising, including Nordic stock, which rose 0.3 percent, and Nokian, which rose 0.1 percent. The accounting office Administer was the top performer of the day, up 6.3 percent.

In other news, Kone announced an order for 63 elevators and destination control systems for the Zhejiang University Alumni Headquarters Economic Park in Hangzhou, East China. This led to a slight rise in Kone’s share price.

Inderes raised its recommendation for Administer from “add” to “buy,” indicating that it sees significant growth potential in the company., Talkative, and SRV all announced strategy updates. aims to grow faster than the market by focusing on expanding its reach and diversifying its product offerings. SRV outlined a portfolio optimized for market conditions and risk management.

Taaleri informed about an updated strategy focused on private equity business and significant industrial investments, especially in the bio industry. The company plans to increase its assets under management and direct industrial investments by the end of 2026. Mikko Krootila has been appointed as Taaleri’s new director of real estate business after They Sten resigned from his position.

SRV aims to increase its share of housing construction in turnover by setting goals for operating profit and turnover by the end of 2027 while keeping its dividend policy unchanged.

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Overall, Tuesday was a positive day for investors on the Helsinki Stock Exchange as most traded stocks were on the rise and several companies announced strategy updates or new initiatives that could drive growth in their respective markets.

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