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The World Rowing Final Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne, Switzerland is set to start on Sunday and will feature 147 boats competing across 14 Olympic boat classes. Each boat class will have two quota places available, except for the men’s and women’s single sculls, which will have an extra quota place due to the reallocation of host country quotas.

Indian rowers are aiming to secure quotas for Paris 2024 in the men’s pair (M2-) and the men’s four (M4-) events at this event. The M4- team of Jaswinder Singh, Bheem Singh, Punit Kumar, and Ashish has previously won a bronze medal at the Asian Games and finished fourth at a World Cup event. In the M2- event, Babu Lal Yadav and Lekh Ram are looking to secure a quota for India after winning a bronze medal at the Asian Games. Balraj Panwar has already secured India’s first Paris 2024 quota in rowing by winning a bronze medal in the men’s single sculls event at the Asian and Oceania Rowing Olympic Qualification Regatta in Korea.

It is worth noting that National Olympic Committees have the authority to select athletes to represent their countries at the Olympic Games, including Paris 2024. The World Rowing Final Olympic Qualification Regatta concludes on May 21 with hopes of India securing more quotas for Paris 2024 Olympics.

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