Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

In the Adriatic region, Monday’s weather forecast calls for strengthening winds from the south, warming temperatures, new cloud cover, and some light rain. Tuesday will bring rain in most areas, possibly heavy at times, along with thunderstorms and even some snow in the mountains. Wednesday will be windy and cold with occasional precipitation. From Thursday onwards, the weather is expected to become more stable and calmer, but with morning temperatures dropping below freezing and fog in some areas.

In eastern Croatia on Monday, it will be partly sunny with light winds, though more clouds and some rain may develop in the evening. Central Croatia can expect foggy mornings and temperatures between 0 and 5°C, with some rainfall in the evening. The northern Adriatic highlands will see cloudy weather with frequent rain developing in the evening and a moderate south-westerly wind.

In Dalmatia on Monday, it will be mostly cloudy with light rain at the end of the day while southern part of Croatia will see a gradual increase in cloud cover and moderate southerly winds eventually strengthening in the evening. Temperatures are expected to range from 16 to 18°C.

On Tuesday, strong storms are expected to hit mainland Croatia bringing cloudy skies occasional rain falling gradually towards Velebit mountain range which might lead to snowfall in higher peaks. Wednesday will bring even colder temperatures sleet snow stopping possible chances of any sunshine on Thursday as well as possibility of thunderstorms occurring again on Wednesday around Velebit area due to transitioning south winds becoming stronger than before potentially leading to more severe conditions than previous days were experienced

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