Joey Gase fined $5,000 by NASCAR for Richmond violation

NASCAR has fined Xfinity Series driver Joey Gase $5,000 for a safety infraction during Saturday’s race at Richmond Raceway. The incident involved Gase throwing his bumper cover at Dawson Cram’s car after a crash caused by Cram. This action violated Section 8.8.8K of the Xfinity Rule Book, which states that any action or omission that poses a threat to the safety of the competitors may result in a safety violation.

The penalty to Gase serves as a reminder of the importance of safety on the track and highlights NASCAR’s commitment to ensuring a secure racing environment for all competitors. As Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney prepare for the Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Martinsville Speedway, they are optimistic about their chances of success but also aware of the risks involved in racing.

NASCAR’s Senior Vice President of Competition, Elton Sawyer, addressed the incident involving Gase on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio and expressed understanding for Gase’s frustration as a car owner responsible for repairs. However, he emphasized the importance of safety and reminded everyone that walking down the track during a caution period poses serious risks to everyone involved.

In addition to Gase’s fine, Xfinity crew chiefs were also penalized for safety violations during the race. Crew chiefs from three different cars were fined $5,000 each for not having all five lug nuts secure on each wheel. These penalties serve as reminders that NASCAR takes safety very seriously and will not tolerate any actions or omissions that pose a threat to its competitors.

By Aiden Johnson

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