Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Winter is a time for some to rest and relax in the comfort of their homes, while others see it as an opportunity to try their luck at catching the native and rare burbot in the Kootenai River. If you’re one of those who’s up for the challenge, Fish and Game encourages you to report any tags you encounter on burbot. By doing so, you are helping them better understand burbot catch rates, harvest rates, and survival rates. This information is crucial in improving the fishery for everyone to enjoy.

For your efforts, Fish and Game offers a reward of $100 for each tag reported. So who knows, this winter could be your lucky year! If you see a tag while fishing in the Kootenai River, simply report the tag number and location where you caught the fish to Fish and Game. You can do so by phone (1-866-258-0338), online or as part of the Angler Science Program creel packet. Your contribution will help ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy this unique fishing experience.

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