Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

In a bizarre turn of events, 60-year-old Ivan Šanteković from Vukosavljevica near Virovitica stumbled upon a dead deer on his family’s covered terrace. The sight of the deer on his property left Šanteković in shock, as he had never seen such an unusual occurrence before. Upon closer examination, he discovered that the animal was already deceased, and immediately called the police for assistance.

The investigation revealed that the deer had likely been killed in a collision with a vehicle, as no signs of gunshots or other weapons were present on its body. The Virovitica-Podravska Police Department confirmed that the animal came from nearby forests and entered Šanteković’s yard after being injured in the collision. The cause of death was internal injuries that could not be seen from the outside, indicating that the animal had suffered greatly before succumbing to its injuries.

The deer was six years old and classified as silver due to its large horn size. Željko Rešetar, a hunter from the Pheasant Hunting Association Špišić Bukovica, also visited the terrace and noted that wounded animals often seek out safe places to hide before succumbing to their injuries. Rešetar added that this incident is relatively rare in this area and serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters.

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