Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
Residents of Grayssas oppose the photovoltaic plant covering their view with black rectangles

Lohan Grandperret and his wife Aurélie are members of the Les Beaux Coteaux de Grayssas association, which was founded to protect the region. They strongly oppose the photovoltaic power plant project proposed by Reden Solar, which involves 31,616 solar panels. Their medieval home, where they live with their children, will be directly impacted by the project. Aurélie is shocked at the scale of the project, which will create a view of black rectangles as far as the eye can see and bring a minimum of twelve months of construction work and construction equipment using their private road. The presence of a transformer right outside their house adds another layer of concern, with ten other nearby houses also being directly affected.

The couple believes that such a massive project is incomprehensible given the natural surroundings of the area. They worry about the impact it will have on their home and the surrounding homes and are determined to stop it from happening. Amidst their concerns about the solar project, news about luxury watch brands and cleaning services featured prominently in blog content. However, these articles do not seem to be related to the primary focus of this passage, which is about Lohan Grandperret’s opposition to Reden Solar’s photovoltaic power plant project in Grayssas.

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