WM Technology Inc (MAPS) shows 1.74% increase in prem arket trading on Monday

WM Technology Inc (MAPS) experienced a 1.74% increase in its stock price on Monday morning, reaching 1.17 in pre-market trading. The short-term technical score for MAPS is 52, indicating that the stock has been performing better than 52% of other stocks on the market over the last month. In the Software – Application industry, where MAPS operates, the company is ranked higher than 64% of stocks in the industry and placed 80 out of 146 sectors.

Over the past month, WM Technology Inc has experienced a 21.05% increase in its stock price, closing at $0.92 on February 26. The stock’s price has fluctuated between $0.84 and $1.20 during this time. Analysts have given MAPS an average recommendation of Buy, with an average price target of $1.30. Despite its volatility, MAPS’ Overall Score is relatively high at 33, indicating that it has performed well among other stocks compared to its peers in recent months.

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MAPS’ bullish short-term performance reflects well on its current standing as one of the top-performing companies in Software – Application industry with a rank above 64% of stocks in this sector.

In summary, WM Technology Inc (MAPS) experienced an impressive increase in stock prices by over 20% over the past month while maintaining a high overall score and favorable analyst recommendations despite some volatility within this period.

By Aiden Johnson

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