West Georgia Technical College Appoints Mike Jiles as Vice President of Operations and Technology

In a recent announcement, Dr. Julie Post, President of West Georgia Technical College (WGTC), has announced the promotion of Mike Jiles from Assistant Vice President of Facilities to Vice President of Operations and Technology. Jiles, who served in the military for 20 years and has prior experience, joined WGTC in 2009 as Facilities Director. Over his 15-year tenure, he progressed to roles such as Executive Director of Facilities and Assistant Vice President of Facilities. He played a key role in merging two college facilities departments and overseeing significant construction projects in Douglas, Coweta, and Carroll, driving progress and growth.

Dr. Post expressed her delight in working with Jiles, praising his creativity and effective leadership in driving substantial changes in the facilities and operations of the college. She acknowledged his dedication and praised his ability to raise the bar for the facilities division, team dynamics, and infrastructure. In his new role as Vice President of Operations and Technology, Jiles will oversee the facilities department, the information technology department, and campus bookstore operations.

Jiles expressed his excitement about his new role, stating that he looks forward to being involved in discussions and planning for new programs and space requirements. He sees this as an opportunity to have a better understanding of the organization’s direction and to contribute to achieving its goals. He views his role as a way to give back to the college that has given him so much, using his skills and knowledge to help further the goals of WGTC.

West Georgia Technical College has campuses in Carroll, Coweta, Douglas

By Aiden Johnson

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