Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Impact of Winter Weather on Minnesota’s Tourism and Economy

Minnesota’s $22.8 billion tourism industry is a year-round venture that attracts outdoors enthusiasts from all over the state. However, what happens when the snow and ice that make winter activities possible don’t appear due to warmer weather? To get insights into this issue, journalists can speak with Xinyi Qian, director of the University of Minnesota Tourism Center, and Brigid Tuck, senior economic impact analyst at University of Minnesota Extension. Both experts are well-versed in the field of tourism and can provide valuable perspectives on how climate change may affect the state’s tourism industry.

Xinyi Qian is a Ph.D. who conducts applied research on topics related to travel and tourism, including visitor behaviors, active transportation, and outdoor recreation. Qian can discuss how changing weather patterns may impact visitor spending and behavior in relation to these activities.

Brigid Tuck is an M.S. who works as a senior economic impact analyst with University of Minnesota Extension. She conducts analyses and writes reports for the Economic Impact Analysis program, which covers numerous economic sectors in Minnesota, including tourism. Tuck can provide insights into the economic impact of tourism in the state and how it may be affected by changing weather patterns.

Both experts are available to discuss their perspectives on the potential impact of climate change on Minnesota’s tourism industry, as well as policy implications for journalists and media outlets reporting on this important issue. Their expertise can offer valuable insights into this complex topic and help inform public discourse around its potential effects on the state’s economy and communities.

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