Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

The NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball have collaborated to create a 30-second advertisement promoting responsible sports betting. The commercial, titled “Never Know What’s Next,” was unveiled on Tuesday and is a joint effort between the three leagues, sportsbook operators DraftKings, Fanatics, PENN Entertainment, and the National Council on Problem Gambling.

The primary message of the ad is to remind bettors to set betting limits and gamble responsibly. In a statement, NHL chief business officer Keith Wachtel emphasized the importance of educating young bettors about the inherent risks of sports gambling and dispelling the misconception that it’s a reliable way to make money. He also highlighted the need for collaboration with media and sportsbook partners to inform and emphasize the risks of sports betting.

Scott Kaufman-Ross, senior VP and head of gaming and new business ventures for the NBA, echoed these sentiments in his statement. He stressed the importance of responsible gambling practices among bettors, especially among the growing fanbase in younger demographics.

The commercial will air during the Cleveland Cavaliers-Philadelphia 76ers in-season tournament game on TNT.

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