Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Thierry Baudet, a candidate for the Dutch far-right party Forum for Democracy (FvD), was attacked during a campaign event in a cafeteria in Groningen. A young minor hit him on the head with a glass bottle, and Baudet believes the attack may have been carried out by Antifa, a far-left group. The incident has prompted Baudet to review his security team and measures.

The attack has garnered condemnation from many politicians, including Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who called it “totally unacceptable.” Rutte urged the population to stay away from politicians and emphasized the need for respect and protection for political figures, regardless of their ideologies. Baudet had previously experienced aggression in Belgium and has since heightened his security measures.

Baudet has spoken out against the attack, labeling it a “political attack” based on his ideology. He stressed the importance of standing firm in FvD’s principles and not backing down in the face of violence. The incident has brought attention to the importance of protecting political figures from violence and harassment, regardless of their beliefs or ideologies.

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