New African Cultural Business Set to Open in Quincy Square

Bwembya’s Market, a new black-owned business in Quincy Square, is set to showcase art created by talented Zambian artists. The grand opening of this market is scheduled for April 11th at 10 a.m., and visitors are encouraged to watch a video sneak peek to get an idea of what they can expect.

Kena Bwembya and her husband Charles are the brains behind this exciting venture. They are passionate about art and have always appreciated its beauty, which is why they decided to launch Bwembya’s Market in the Quincy neighborhood. Their main focus is on showcasing Zambian art created by local artists, and they hope to provide neighbors with a hands-on experience of African culture that goes beyond just seeing or feeling it.

According to Ashley Engle, reporting from the Quincy neighborhood, Bwembya’s Market will feature a variety of items imported from Zambia, such as jewelry and kitchenware. However, their main focus will be on displaying authentic Zambian crafts that highlight the country’s rich cultural heritage. By doing so, Kena and Charles aim to bridge the gap between different cultures and create a sense of connection between them.

A report by Surface notes that Africa’s cultural heritage is held outside the continent, and Bwembya’s Market will serve as a platform for sharing and preserving this rich cultural heritage while also supporting local artists and businesses. This unique business endeavor promises to be a cultural celebration that brings together the community while highlighting the beauty and diversity of Zambia. So don’t miss out on this opportunity!

By Aiden Johnson

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