Heidi Hydar from KMR joins Clear Talent Group’s Stunt & Sports Division

Heidi Hydar, the former head of KMR’s Stunt & Sport Department, has recently joined Clear Talent Group (CTG) as their Director of Stunt & Sports. With over 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Hydar started her career as a receptionist at JHR and eventually became an agent. After taking a break to focus on family, she founded H6 Promotions with the goal of creating more opportunities for athletes.

Hydar is well-known for representing top stunt performers in the industry, working on studio films, national commercials, and various sporting events like the NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, US Olympic Games and more. She specializes in areas such as creature acting, circus performance, puppeteers, horse work and water safety.

Based in Georgia, Hydar will continue to represent bi-coastal talent while also helping launch CTG’s presence in the Southeast market. Other KMR agents who have recently left the company include Valerie Chiovetti, Jamie Hernandez, Alicia Ruskin and Jed Abrahams who will be starting their own agency True Artists Agency.

CTG President Brianna Ancel expressed excitement about having Heidi on board. She highlighted her impressive client roster and knowledge of the Stunt & Sports industry. Ancel mentioned that Hydar’s personalized approach to representation aligns well with CTG culture and they look forward to supporting her continued growth.

By Aiden Johnson

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