Douglas Products expands team with new business development manager

Aric Schroeder, the chief revenue officer at Douglas Products, expressed enthusiasm about Cavan Bruederle joining the team. Bruederle’s extensive knowledge of the West Coast region, expertise in ProFume, and global experience make him a valuable asset to the Douglas team.

Bruederle has recently been hired as the business development manager at Douglas Products after over 14 years of experience at Cardinal Professional Products. In his previous role, he managed various territories along the West Coast, with a focus on the tree nut market, particularly almonds and walnuts. In this role, he distributed post-harvest fumigants, specialized in ProFume fumigant, completed product stewardship training for all fumigants, and developed a deep understanding of pest control.

One of Bruederle’s notable achievements in his previous role was his leadership in fumigating for the first time with ProFume. He conducted site walk-throughs and training sessions, playing a crucial role in initiating the project despite facing challenges. This endeavor proved to be a significant success for the company involved.

On a personal note, Bruederle is involved in raising sheep for purchase and showing. He volunteers his time with livestock and agricultural committees for organizations like 4-H, local county fairs, and high schools. Additionally, he enjoys working on cars and motors in his spare time.

Douglas Products is a specialty products manufacturer and marketer known for high-quality brands in the global agriculture production and structural pest control markets. With a history of over 100 years, Douglas Products partners with customers who aim to build and protect mutually beneficial business value.

In a statement about his new position at Douglas Products

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