Penguin Business and Penguin Life to merge immediately, announces The Bookseller.

Penguin General’s imprints, Penguin Business and Penguin Life, have officially merged into one imprint called Penguin Life. The publishing director of this new imprint is Pippa Wright, who will focus on publishing books across various personal development categories such as health-led science, popular psychology, smart thinking, career, productivity, focus, fitness, and small illustrated projects.

The aim of Penguin Life is to seek out major global voices that can help readers change their lives for the better through definitive texts. The merger reflects the market’s needs and the company’s ambition to boost their presence in this space. With Wright’s clear vision, strategic approach, and deep knowledge of the market, Penguin Life is poised for success and bursting with energy and opportunity.

Preena Gadher expressed excitement about the merger as managing director of Penguin General. She emphasized that consumers of personal development do not differentiate between books that help them optimize their working lives and those that improve other aspects of their lives. Therefore, Penguin Life’s goal is to publish top authors who can enhance every part of readers’ lives by recognizing how these two markets intersect.

Joining Wright on the new team are editorial director Emily Robertson and senior commissioning editor Amy McWalters along with editor Celia Buzuk. Additionally, the imprint is looking to recruit another editorial director. The new imprint aims to provide readers with high-quality books that will help them live better lives in all areas of their existence.

By Aiden Johnson

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