The new kickoff rule may have a major impact on draft boards.

The upcoming NFL season is set to bring about a new revolution in kickoff rules, which will have a significant impact on teams’ strategies and planning. In preparation for this change, teams are now gearing up for the annual process of recruiting new talent, which will kick off in just 29 days.

With the new kickoff rule in mind, draft boards will need to be reshuffled as teams focus on players with proven return game skills and those who can excel in the tight, broken-field space that the new configuration will create. This means that roster decisions on game day will be influenced by these changes, with teams potentially opting to include more linebackers and safeties in their lineup to break through gaps and reach the return specialist.

The shift towards a 10-man alignment tasked with breaking through gaps to reach the return specialist will require a new skill set. Projections will need to be made regarding which players will excel at blocking and tackling in this unique player arrangement. Teams that can effectively maximize their own returns while minimizing their opponents’ returns will have a considerable advantage in the upcoming season and potentially beyond if the one-year experiment becomes a permanent change.

In conclusion, the impact of the new kickoff rule is significant, and teams must adapt their strategies accordingly. Recruiting new talent and roster decisions on game day are only two aspects of how teams must prepare for this change. The team’s ability to maximize their own returns while minimizing their opponents’ returns will ultimately determine their success in the upcoming season.

By Aiden Johnson

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