Thousands of veterans to receive expanded health coverage through full implementation of PACT Act

In a move to expand health care services for veterans across the United States, the PACT (Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics) Act is now in effect. On Monday, Rep. Joe Morelle (D-25) gathered with local officials and representatives of the Finger Lakes VA in downtown Rochester to discuss another phase of this important legislation.

Jason Richards, an Outreach Program Coordinator with the VA, explained that the full implementation of the law means that veterans who may have health issues due to exposure to toxins will now be covered in a wide range of situations. This new provision allows for toxic exposure discussions regardless of combat, making more veterans eligible for VA health care.

Originally targeted to assist veterans exposed to things like burn pits and Agent Orange in Vietnam, the PACT Act now covers toxic exposures for veterans in any location. Morelle expressed gratitude to the Veterans Administration for their quick approval of this new health coverage implementation. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that veterans and their families receive the benefits they deserve, as exposure to toxins can impact not only the veteran but also their family members.

It is believed that there are likely thousands of veterans in the Finger Lakes region and many more nationwide who will benefit from these expanded regulations. Morelle and local VA representatives are working hard to spread awareness about this important legislation among eligible veterans and their families. Additional information on how to apply for coverage under these new regulations can be found on the VA’s website.

By Aiden Johnson

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