Shawarma Land, a small business in West Houston on Westheimer, opens and is burglarized hours after closing on its first day of business.

Shawarma Land, a new restaurant located in West Houston, was robbed just hours after its grand opening. According to the Houston Police Department, the thief caused damage to the property and made off with over $1,000 from the register. The owners of Shawarma Land on Westheimer were shocked by the incident but remained optimistic about the future of their business.

Owner Mohammad Assaad expressed his disappointment that his dream of opening a restaurant had been cut short by a burglary. He had spent extensive time perfecting recipes and renovating the space for this moment. Despite the setback, Assaad was determined to continue serving delicious shawarma to his customers.

The neighborhood where Shawarma Land is located has seen a high number of burglaries in the past year, according to the ABC13 Neighborhood Safety Tracker. However, Assaad chose this bustling area for his restaurant due to its diverse customer base. He believed that it would be an excellent location for his business and hoped that it would bring joy and satisfaction to everyone who visited.

Houston police are actively investigating the burglary at Shawarma Land, but no arrests have been made yet. The community is hoping for a quick resolution to this crime so that Assaad can get back to serving delicious shawarma and fulfilling his dream of owning a successful restaurant.

By Aiden Johnson

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