Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Conversion of Israeli Road Junctions into Solar Power Plants

The Ministry of Transport has recently announced the selection of Doral Energy company as the winner of the tender for the construction of photovoltaic power plants on highway interchanges owned by Netivei Israel, a state-owned company. These interchanges fall under the responsibility of Netivei Israel, which currently owns more than 5,000 dunams of land that are not suitable for commercial use due to lack of access.

In an effort to utilize this land effectively, it was decided to construct solar power plants on these areas. The first stage will involve equipping 13 junctions with photovoltaic elements, producing 85 megawatts of electricity. The selected junctions include Beit Kama, Gedera, Yagur, Neot Hovav, Sara, Rahat, HaZeitim, Adumim, Shimshon, Shaar HaGai, Dror, Raanana Darom and Jaljulia.

Doral Energy will receive a license to build and maintain these power plants for 25 years. Notably, 14 years ago Netivei Israel (then called MAAC) had considered using wind turbines to generate electricity using road infrastructure but this idea wasn’t implemented.

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