Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The last match of the group stage for Croatia in the Euro qualifiers will take place on Tuesday against Armenia at Maksimir stadium. With this win, Croatia will secure its spot in Germany next year. However, Wales’ draw against Turkey has added more pressure to Croatia’s final game.

In the previous match against Latvia, which Croatia won 2-0 in cold Riga, expert commentator Tomislav Ivković analyzed the situation on HRT’s “Stadion” show. He called it a very important victory because it was clear that Armenia and Wales had drawn, adding an extra layer of pressure to Croatia’s final game.

Ivković noted that Dalić was tense and everyone was focused during the match. They knew the importance of winning and played accordingly. Despite having a poor pitch, they scored two quick goals and controlled the game from start to finish. The early goals prevented nervousness and allowed them to focus on playing their best game.

Modrić’s goal was particularly impressive and caused a reaction from fans around the world. When he scored the second goal for Croatia, he showed his versatility as he went forward with Brozović without disrupting their defensive line. This tactical discipline allowed them to prevent any counterattacks from Latvia and play their game on their terms.

Kramarić brought back a lot of points with his contribution, while Guardiol played well as a left back despite being out of position compared to his role at City. His ability to enter into links instead of crossing meant that he was able to control the midfield effectively, making him an important player for Croatia’s team dynamic.

Pašalić and Baturina also made their debuts in this match and did not disappoint. Pašalić is one of only a few right wingers in Croatia and has shown great potential with his fantastic left foot and short step on the ball. Baturina stepped up as Modrić’s replacement and showed promise as he took over from him seamlessly.

As they prepare for their final match against Armenia, Croatia must play a tactically disciplined game if they want to secure their place in Germany next year at Euro 2020 tournament.

Ivković emphasized that while there are no question marks about quality when it comes to these teams, France remains the first favorite for Euro 2020 tournament based on current form.

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