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Tackling Climate Alter and Protein Provide Challenges

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NovoNutrients, a leader in sustainable protein options, announced an innovation in carotenoid production technologies right now. The company’s basic carbon capture course of action upcycles about two tons of carbon dioxide for each and every ton of protein-wealthy ingredient. By using carbon dioxide and renewable power via gas fermentation, this biomanufacturing platform provides benefits of price savings, scalability, and sustainability more than traditional production, contributing to a greener future enriched by the vibrant hues of carotenoids. It enables the sale of all-natural carotenoids at synthetic value levels, positioning NovoNutrients to be a main player in the international carotenoids marketplace, projected to be worth USD two.three billion by 2027, according to Professional Market place Investigation.

Carotenoid-rich protein flour

Carotenoid-wealthy protein flour

NovoNutrients’ revolutionary technologies provides a competitive benefit by creating higher-high-quality all-natural carotenoids to sell close to synthetic value levels. Carotenoids function as antioxidants and are all-natural pigments located mainly in plants and marine organisms, producing vibrant colors, like the orange in carrots or the red in tomatoes. Distinct carotenoids offer you added palatability and other advantages to humans, dogs, cats, and fish, contributing to great vision, immune technique function, and general overall health. All-natural carotenoids are the most potent, and such Astaxanthin is valued at more than $7000 per kilogram pure it is regarded as much more biologically active and bioavailable compared to its synthetic petrochemical counterpart. Synthetic Astaxanthin ordinarily sells for about $2000 per kilogram.

Just after effectively creating carotenoids at a 1% weight percentage and in kilogram quantities, NovoNutrients is beginning to scale up production to metric ton quantities. “Prior to we get to the possibilities for persons, our nutritional proteins enhanced with carotenoids can be blended into feeds for dogs, cats, egg-laying hens, salmon, shrimp, koi, and other ornamental and aquaculture fish,” mentioned Jo Ritter, CTO of NovoNutrients. “Our custom strains and course of action circumstances allow us to fine-tune the production of certain carotenoids. Possessing the exact same all-natural structure as these located in organisms like krill, our carotenoids can alleviate issues more than the influence of overfishing crustaceans in the Antarctic ecosystem.” Aquaculture efficacy research are in the pipeline.

NovoNutrients’ base nutritional protein that undergirds the additives is a solution in and of itself, with crude protein levels exceeding 80%, amino acid profiles improved than beef, and higher levels of B-complicated vitamins. NovoNutrients’ synthetic biology platform is also poised to transform a series of markets beyond carotenoids, which “represents just 1 instance amongst the moderate-worth protein and higher-worth biochemical categories we’re targeting. Our platform technologies seamlessly combines the production of traditionally costly additives with generating our higher-high-quality, price-helpful, and eco-friendly protein,” mentioned Kedar Patel, NovoNutrients’ SVP of biology.

About NovoNutrients: By turning CO2 into numerous protein ingredient items, NovoNutrients is tackling the world’s urgent require to cut down carbon emissions and its rapid-expanding hunger for higher-high-quality protein. The business continues its march to industrial scale worldwide, in concert with carbon, hydrogen, and nutrition partners. Oakbio Inc. is performing small business as NovoNutrients.

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