Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang: The Cost of Developing AI Shouldn’t Reach $7 Trillion

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia Corp, believes that the cost of developing artificial intelligence (AI) will remain well below the $7 trillion reportedly being fundraised by Sam Altman. Huang is confident in this prediction due to advances in computing that he expects to occur over the next few years. According to Huang, faster computers will reduce the total amount needed for AI development.

While buying more computers is not the only factor to consider, Huang emphasized that it is important to anticipate that computers will become faster. As a leader in the AI accelerator industry, he is optimistic about the chip industry’s ability to drive down the cost of AI as these components continue to be made faster.

Huang’s confidence in AI development comes from both his belief in the speed of computers and his optimism about advancements in the chip industry. He believes that these factors will play a significant role in keeping the cost of AI development manageable in the coming years.

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