Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Johnny Nguyen, a man who left his home country during the Vietnam War, has built a successful business and new life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He left Vietnam with the goal of giving his children a better future and leaving behind the hardships caused by war, food shortages, and supply chain issues. After fleeing to Malaysia and living in an immigrant camp, Nguyen eventually made his way to the United States where he started working various jobs while continuing his education.

Eventually, he found success in the printing industry which allowed him to enter the construction industry. This led to the creation of DVR Cabinetry in Northeast Philadelphia, a thriving business that specializes in cabinets and countertops with around 25 employees. Nguyen hopes to continue growing his business by hiring another 50 people and inspiring others to pursue their dreams through hard work.

Meanwhile, Eric Tucker’s family lumber business in Delaware County, PA has been around for over a century. Tucker is the fourth-generation owner and has taken up the mantle after doing odd jobs around the lumber yard when he was younger. To learn more about DVR Cabinetry or Eric Tucker’s family lumber business, visit their respective websites for more information on their services and stories.

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