Pritzker’s Travel to Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania as Special Representative for Ukraine’s Economic Recovery

Penny Pritzker, Special Representative for Ukraine’s Economic Recovery, embarked on a trip to three different countries in Eastern Europe. She began her journey in Chișinău, Moldova on April 1st, where she met with President Maia Sandu, Prime Minister Dorin Recean, and private sector representatives to discuss U.S.-Moldovan cooperation on Ukraine’s economic recovery and regional economic integration. The group also discussed the potential role of Moldova as a launching pad for Ukraine’s recovery that could benefit both countries.

On April 2nd, Special Representative Pritzker traveled to Lviv, Ukraine. Her focus was on Ukraine’s thriving IT sector and ways to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship to strengthen economic bonds. She met with Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi, technology entrepreneurs, and business representatives to explore the possibilities for community-driven recovery efforts across the country.

Finally, on April 3rd, she will travel to Bucharest, Romania to meet with Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, government ministers and private sector leaders. Discussions will revolve around Romania’s contributions to regional cooperation including emergency energy assistance to Ukraine and the long-term benefits of infrastructure investments for both Romania and Ukraine. She will also visit the RomExpo Refugee Center where she will speak with Ukrainian refugees about their experiences and the role they will play in Ukraine’s recovery.

By Aiden Johnson

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