Dow and P&G collaborate to develop innovative polyethylene recycling technology – Press Release

Procter & Gamble (P&G) and DOW have joined forces to develop a groundbreaking technology that can recover high-quality polyethylene (PE) from difficult-to-recycle plastic waste. This innovative process combines the companies’ expertise in dissolution recycling, large-scale manufacturing, and materials science.

The collaboration focuses on PE, which can be extracted and used in various new applications once separated from other materials. Dissolution recycling involves using a solvent to separate a specific polymer from impurities found in complex plastic materials. P&G plans to use the recovered material in new packaging, promoting circularity and maximizing the use of resources.

The joint development agreement between the two companies aims to create a process that generates lower emissions compared to traditional fossil-based PE production or other advanced recycling technologies. The work has already begun, and it will continue until commercialization is achieved.

By Aiden Johnson

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