Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

A group of 22 individuals, including Romano Beganović, are currently under investigation by the police for defrauding elderly victims out of a total of €1,045,005. The group is believed to have operated between September and November 23 last year and used counterfeit banknotes to carry out their crimes. The police are asking for the pretrial detention of 15 defendants to be extended as they continue their investigation.

Beganović led the group and planned a series of frauds, with the other defendants working together in joint activities. Their goal was to obtain significant non-related material benefits for themselves and others. Beganović provided vehicles for the other defendants to use when going to the victims’ addresses under the guise of police officers conducting inspections.

The victims were assured that their money and gold jewelry would be checked by a policeman who would issue them a certificate if they were found to be genuine. However, once the victims revealed how much money they had and what gold jewelry they owned, the other defendants took it from them without any inspection or verification taking place.

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