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The selection of Pieper as the EU’s new Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) envoy has sparked controversy and prompted a request for a discussion at an upcoming College meeting. The four commissioners involved in the process are rivals of von der Leyen’s European People’s Party, setting the stage for political tensions leading up to the European election in June.

Breton and Schmit, both aligned with different political groups, have already made public comments about their boss, von der Leyen. Recently, it was revealed that two other shortlisted candidates for the SME envoy position, both women, had scored higher than Pieper during the selection process. One of these candidates, Czech Renew lawmaker Martina Dlabajová, confirmed that she had filed an official complaint about the procedure.

In response to concerns raised by lawmakers, a group of representatives from various political parties submitted written questions to the Commission seeking clarification on how Pieper was chosen and what additional qualifications he had. Despite these inquiries, no response has been provided yet, leaving Green lawmaker Daniel Freund of Germany and his colleagues still waiting for an explanation. This situation has raised further questions about the selection process and the basis on which Pieper was chosen over more qualified candidates.

The controversy surrounding Pieper’s appointment has led to calls for greater transparency and fairness in the selection process. Some argue that his political affiliation may have played a role in his selection, given that he is a member of von der Leyen’s European People’s Party. Others believe that there should be clear criteria established for evaluating candidates based on their qualifications rather than their political leanings.

As tensions continue to rise ahead of the European election in June, it remains to be seen how this controversy will play out. However one thing is certain – there will be continued pressure on EU leaders to ensure that selection processes are transparent and fair for all candidates involved.

By Aiden Johnson

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