Louisiana to Prohibit Prop Bets on College Players Beginning August 1st

In a bid to protect the integrity of sports betting and ensure the safety and well-being of college athletes, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board (LGCB) has issued an order prohibiting player prop bets in college sports starting on Aug. 1. This move follows reports of integrity issues and player harassment in recent months, as well as a call to action from NCAA president Charlie Baker, who urged increased scrutiny surrounding prop bets in college athletics.

NCAA president Baker highlighted the growing concerns surrounding prop bets, which he believes are threatening the integrity and competition of sports, leading to harassment of student and professional athletes. Louisiana joins other states like Maryland, Ohio, and Vermont in banning prop bets on college athletes, while some states only allow player prop betting on college teams located outside of their state. North Carolina has no restrictions on college player props.

Several states, including New Jersey, Kansas, and Wyoming, are considering banning college player prop bets after Baker’s call to action. Wyoming is set to discuss the ban at a meeting on May 9, following the lead of states working to address the threats posed by prop bets in college sports. The LGCB chairman Ronnie Johns emphasized that the order was in the works before Baker’s call to action and that it was aimed at ensuring compliance with new regulations while also protecting players from potential harm caused by these types of bets.

The LGCB has allowed operators to honor any outstanding prop bets but has encouraged them to make every effort to comply with the new rule despite potential challenges in identifying players impacted by this decision.

By Aiden Johnson

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