Improved Rental Health

In a recent webinar, Monica Gilroy, a real estate lawyer and founding principal of The Gilroy Firm in Atlanta, discussed the importance of ensuring habitability for tenants in rental units. According to Gilroy, neglecting basic maintenance services such as heating and plumbing systems, clean running water, and a sound structure can cause legal liability for owners and landlords, challenges for property managers, and serious health problems for tenants.

Gilroy also spoke about reducing risks associated with lead-based paint and mold. The Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed an update to its rule requiring property managers to hire a certified professional to deal with repair, renovation, and remediation involving lead-based paint. If implemented, this proposed rule could require property managers to be certified to deal with lead-based paint repair and remediation. The public comment period on the change ended in late 2023, and the agency was expected to release a final decision in Q1 2024.

Gilroy advised that if tenants claim there is mold in their unit or building, property managers should investigate the situation promptly. They should look at any test results that the tenant may have commissioned and create written procedures and a checklist in response to any reports of mold. She also recommended developing instructions for tenants that outline what they should do whenever they believe they have encountered mold.

Overall, Gilroy emphasized the importance of taking proactive measures to ensure habitability for tenants in rental units while avoiding legal liabilities for owners and landlords.

By Aiden Johnson

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