MUD successfully registers Edmundo González Urrutia as candidate for 2024 Venezuela Elections

The National Electoral Council (CNE) in Venezuela announced on Tuesday that Eduardo González Urrutia was registered as a candidate for the presidential elections on July 28 by the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD). This decision came after the coalition failed to nominate Corina Yoris, who was disqualified from competing.

Despite efforts to register Yoris throughout the process, the coalition acknowledged that they had exhausted all avenues to do so by the deadline. As a result, the PUD decided to provisionally register Edmundo González Urrutia to ensure the preservation of their political rights until they are able to register their preferred candidate. This decision was made in order to continue participating in the electoral process and to contest the elections in 2024.

The registration of González Urrutia brings the total number of candidates to 13 for the upcoming elections, including the current president Nicolás Maduro. The CNE reported that a total of 37 political parties, some in coalition, nominated their candidates during the process without facing any restrictions. The possibility of replacing González Urrutia with another candidate will be considered starting next Monday, provided that there are no legal or administrative obstacles.

The practice of nominating a provisional candidate is common in Venezuela and is intended to secure a place on the ballot. Despite challenges faced by opposition coalitions, they continue to participate in democratic processes and strive for fair representation.

By Aiden Johnson

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