Shelor Motor Mile generously donates two sports venues to Pulaski County

Pulaski County is celebrating a momentous occasion after receiving its largest donation ever on Wednesday. The Shelor Motor Mile generously gifted the renowned 152-acre speedway in Fairlawn to the county. While Shelor Motor Mile will continue to operate the track for the next three years, all net revenue generated will be donated to Pulaski County.

County administrator Jonathan Sweet expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that they will work closely with Shelor Motor Mile to understand the racing industry and the financial aspects of the track. This partnership will not only benefit racing enthusiasts but also open up new opportunities for the area. Sweet mentioned the possibility of hosting events like five K races, high school sports programming, fundraisers, and other community activities that will benefit local residents.

In addition to the speedway, Calfee Ball Park was also included in the donation. This recognition as one of the best rookie-level ballparks in the country is a testament to Shelor Motor Mile’s commitment to supporting local sports facilities. The ballpark will be managed by Shelor Motor Mile for the next three years to ensure a seamless transition to county ownership.

County officials are optimistic about this donation and believe it aligns with their broader vision for sports and entertainment in the region. They see these key assets as crucial in positioning Pulaski County as a top destination for professional sports and entertainment in southwestern Virginia. Shelor Motor Mile is making investments to enhance both facilities in preparation for their upcoming seasons, showcasing their commitment to supporting this vision.

Overall, this partnership between Pulaski County and Shelor Motor Mile is an exciting development that has significant potential benefits for both parties involved. By working together closely, they can leverage each other’s resources and expertise to create a thriving sports and entertainment scene in Fairlawn and beyond.

By Aiden Johnson

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