Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Insufficient diagnosis numbers and unnecessary tests and care outcome in a “huge expense hiding in plain sight” for ladies with menopause symptoms, a new report says.

Significantly less than one particular-fifth of ladies are appropriately diagnosed suitably early with menopause, the report, published Might 15 by Elektra Overall health, a digital women’s well being platform, showed. Even with a right diagnosis, several ladies are subjected to wasteful testing and care ahead of finding proper therapy.

Ladies with a clinical diagnosis of menopause incur around 45 % much more healthcare fees annually than these who do not, the report stated. But even with a right diagnosis, a lack of proper care generally final results in ladies searching for added specialty care and testing, which can drive fees greater, according to the report.

“Menopause is straight correlated to various higher-expense drivers in women’s healthcare,” stated Alessandra Henderson, CEO and co-founder of Elektra Overall health. “Early interventions and preventative care are vital to drive extended-term well being outcomes and reduced fees but, in the end, menopause is a huge expense hiding in plain sight, specifically for well being plans and employers.”

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