Top prospect Justin Foscue drafted by Rangers to replace injured Josh Jung

A setback occurred for the Texas Rangers on Monday night when third baseman Josh Jung suffered a fractured right wrist after being hit by a pitch. This unfortunate event opened up an opportunity for one of the team’s top prospects, Justin Foscue. According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, Foscue has been called up and will join the team for Tuesday’s game.

Foscue is a 25-year-old first-round pick in 2020 who is a versatile infielder that can play first, second, and third base. He will be stepping in for Jung while he recovers from his injury. The extent of Jung’s absence is still uncertain, with surgery being a possibility that could affect his recovery timeline.

Jung had been performing well so far this season with a .412 batting average, 1.415 OPS, two home runs, and six RBI in his first 19 plate appearances. Despite being an essential player for the reigning World Series champions, Jung has had a history of injuries, including a fractured left thumb and calf issue last season.

The Rangers are confident that they can cover for Jung’s absence with their existing infield depth from players like Ezequiel Duran and Josh Smith. Duran is expected to step into third base position; however, this injury presents an opportunity for Foscue to gain valuable major league experience while contributing to the team’s performance across the infield.

As the team’s No. 5 prospect according to, Foscue has shown promise with his impressive performance in Triple-A Round Rock last season. Nearly making the big-league roster during spring training, Foscue is eager to showcase his skills and make a positive impact on the team during Jung’s absence.

In summary, while the Texas Rangers faced setbacks due to Josh Jung’s injury earlier this week, they have called up Justin Foscue as an opportunity to gain valuable experience while covering for Jung’s absence at third base position. With their existing infield depth from players like Ezequiel Duran and Josh Smith and Foscue’s impressive performance last season in Triple-A Round Rock,

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