Witness a SpaceX rocket photobombing the moon in an incredible award-winning photograph

The capture of a rocket transiting the moon is a rare sight that requires serious skill and dedication. Pascal Fouquet, a photographer from Orlando, Florida, was able to capture such a shot and was chosen as the United States’ National Award first place winner for the Sony World Photography Awards 2024. This awards program is a partnership between Sony and the World Photography Organization and receives hundreds of thousands of photo submissions from around the world.

Fouquet took his winning shot during the USSF-52 mission launch, just before the new year. With less than 48 hours to prepare for the opportunity to capture the shot, he settled on an unconventional location – an open field behind a hospice center 13.8 miles away from the launch pad. Using a Nikon D850, Fouquet set his camera to capture the details of the moon, not the rocket. His shutter speed was set to 1/1600 of a second to capture the split second moment Falcon Heavy passed in front of it. This was the seventh launch for Space Force’s secretive X-37B space plane, which remains in orbit at the time of this publication after its last mission lasted 908 days.

The photograph showcases Fouquet’s skill and dedication in capturing such a rare and unique moment. His work has been recognized and awarded at a national level, showcasing his talent as a photographer. The partnership between Sony and World Photography Organization provides photographers like Fouquet with a platform to showcase their work and receive recognition for their skills.

Overall, capturing such an elusive moment takes expertise and determination. It’s clear that Fouquet’s exceptional photography skills have paid off with this incredible achievement!

By Aiden Johnson

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