Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
Investors House’s result impacted by decrease in real estate values

Investors House, a leading real estate investment company, recently released its financial statements for the past year and provided insights into its performance during the October-December period. During this time, the company experienced a decline in revenue to 1.8 million euros from 2.1 million euros compared to the same period in the previous year. Additionally, net income decreased to 0.55 million euros from 0.65 million euros, while operating result fell to 0.34 million euros from 0.36 million euros. The reported operating profit also dropped significantly to 0.04 million euros from a whopping 3.9 million euros in the previous year, resulting in an overall loss of 0.1 million euros compared to a profit of 2.3 million euros in the previous year.

The decline in performance during the last quarter was primarily due to several factors that impacted the company’s bottom line negatively. These included a decrease in property values by around 1.0 million euros, which led to goodwill write-downs of subsidiaries such as Juhola Asset Management by approximately 0.6 million euros, and incentive fees totaling around 0

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