Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

This Bulls’ offseason is beneath a microscope and fans have issues and concerns.

In this edition of the Bulls Speak Pod, Bulls Insider K.C. Johnson and Tony Gill answer your offseason concerns and issues from an Insider’s point of view and a fan’s point of view. 

The most significant query poses, ought to the Bulls take into consideration trading Zach LaVine? Would the outcome would be the exact same as when they traded Jimmy Butler?

LaVine is a two-time All-Star and is presently headed into the second year of a 5-year five million deal. He is presently the exact same age as Butler when he was traded and posted equivalent stats as Butler, as well. 

Johnson discussed the league becoming skeptical the Bulls and LaVine will full the agreement.

“When we had been speaking at the start out of the episode about the league-wide speculation of the ‘Big Three’ most of the speculation is centered on him (LaVine). There is very a bit of skepticism all through the league that the Bulls and LaVine are gonna finish this 5-year marriage they entered with that max contract.”

Gill mentions that the Bulls had to sign LaVine regardless if they wanted to trade him or maintain him extended-term. But the query brought up right after he signed is will the Bulls be championship-contending through the length of LaVine’s contract?

“Do you see them contending inside this contract? And if you are truthful with your self, my answer back then was no. And if you asked me currently my answer would be no.”

The LaVine conversation begins at the 30:13 mark in the podcast.  

Bulls fans, what do you believe the Bulls ought to do?

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