Diversifying Coaching Strategies: Lindsay Peterson from University of Nebraska Shares Insights from Olympic Sports [Podcast]

Lindsay Peterson, a former standout player for Nebraska Volleyball, played a crucial role in helping the team secure an NCAA title in 2000. After her playing career, she went on to coach at Northern Colorado and Virginia Tech before taking on the Director of Operations role at the University of Nebraska.

Having witnessed the growth in popularity of women’s college volleyball over the years, Lindsay has seen first-hand how volleyball coaches have helped to increase attendance at matches and promote interest in collegiate women’s sports. In a recent podcast episode with Dave Mullins, they discussed the various factors that have contributed to this growth, as well as the story behind the world record for women’s sports attendance that was set last year.

Dave Mullins hosts The ITA Coaches Podcast, which is a platform where he and his guests share valuable tennis information through open discussions. With topics ranging from current coaching trends to engaging conversations with industry professionals, this podcast aims to provide insightful and educational content for tennis enthusiasts. Be sure to subscribe and tune in to stay updated on the latest tennis news and trends in the industry.

By Aiden Johnson

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