Stevens Point Achieves Milestone in Advancement of Business 51

The City of Stevens Point has made significant progress in the design plan for the Business 51 corridor redesign, with 30% completion marked by an open house held at Pacelli High School. The event attracted over 25 attendees, including Cole Racine, owner of Belt’s Soft Serve in Stevens Point.

Racine, whose business is situated directly off Business 51, has closely monitored the plan’s development and noted an improvement in community involvement compared to a previous plan presented in 2012. Despite this progress, concerns persist among business owners about potential negative impacts on their establishments. They worry about how the proposed reduction of lanes could affect access to businesses.

Mayor Mike Wiza acknowledged these concerns and emphasized that business owners understand their traffic flow best as it directly affects their livelihood. The plan aims to transition from two lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction, with an additional turning lane. While studies suggest reducing lanes can improve safety, nothing has been finalized yet.

Elements such as driveway locations and raised medians are still flexible and subject to change based on feedback. Wiza stressed the importance of community input in the decision-making process, reminding residents that avenues for providing feedback are open through contacting city officials or local alderpersons. This public viewing may be the last until the plan is presented for council approval.

By Aiden Johnson

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