Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Patrick Holford is a renowned nutrition and mental health expert, having written several books and founded the UK charity Food for the Brain. As CEO, he has dedicated his life to promoting the importance of proper nutrition for brain health.

Over the years, Holford has been a vocal advocate for a high-fat diet that includes essential vitamins and minerals. He believes that diets rich in complex carbohydrates and sugar have contributed to a decline in IQ scores, which he attributes to poor nutrition. According to him, mental health problems are becoming increasingly prevalent and urgent, with conditions such as depression, autism, ADHD, and dementia on the rise.

To address these issues, Food for the Brain is using at-home blood spot tests and digital cognitive health questionnaires to analyze the nutritional and cognitive status of thousands of participants. The charity provides nutrition advice to its participants and is building a significant database to support its cause. Through these efforts, Food for the Brain hopes to bring about a shift in perceptions around mental and cognitive health.

For more information about Patrick Holford’s work with Food for the Brain or his views on nutrition and mental health, you can listen to an interview with Nikki Hancocks from NutraIngredients Europe Europe in their podcast series.

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