Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Google has recently introduced a new small business filter for its search and maps, making it easier for holiday shoppers to support local or small businesses. This filter allows users to find online products offered by local retailers who identify as small businesses. The products available will include e-commerce brands, local businesses, and sellers from marketplaces like Etsy and eBay.

The filter is in response to 84% of people surveyed in a Google/Ipsos survey stating that supporting local and/or small businesses is important to them. To use the small business filter on Google, shoppers can look for it when shopping on desktop or mobile or select it on “maps” when looking for local businesses. Small businesses can also add the “small business” attribute to their listings on Google. The filter will be available year-round through the filter panel, with an elevated experience during peak shopping times following Black Friday.

In addition to the small business filter, Google is also highlighting its “deals destination,” which features items for sale online. Shoppers can find deals by typing “shop deals” or searching for specific items like “shop sneaker deals.” Google is expanding its generative AI capabilities to help consumers shop for gifts during the holiday season, including an updated Search Generative Experience (SGE) and a virtual try-on tool that will include men’s tops.

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