Hailo Secures $120 Million in Funding and Debuts Hailo-10

In February 2017, a group of graduates from the Elite Technological Unit of the Intelligence Corps founded Hailo. Since then, the company has grown into a unicorn after raising $136 million in capital in 2022. With offices worldwide and a network of distributors, Hailo caters to over 300 customers. The company’s unique processors are designed to perform complex deep learning tasks efficiently while minimizing power consumption, size, and cost, making them ideal for integration into various smart devices across industries.

Hailo recently launched their Hailo-10 GenAI accelerator, which positions them strategically to bring classic AI and GenAI to edge devices. By integrating creative artificial intelligence capabilities into users’ daily lives through Hailo-10, the company aims to empower users and enhance productivity and user experience. With offices in various countries and a strong network of distributors worldwide, Hailo’s products cater to over 300 customers.

The new Hailo-10 GenAI accelerator enables edge devices like personal computers, smart cars, and robots to harness the power of GenAI, allowing users to fully own their creative artificial intelligence experiences. By shifting AI processing from the cloud to end devices, Hailo ensures continuous access to GenAI services, real-time processing, improved privacy, and reduced carbon footprint. Hailo-10 sets a new performance benchmark for AI accelerators, offering faster and more energy-efficient solutions compared to traditional processors.

With the launch of Hailo-10, users can run a wide range of applications seamlessly while maintaining Hailo’s lead in performance, cost, and power consumption. This innovative accelerator supports various AI applications across different devices and platforms

By Aiden Johnson

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