Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

The new development at the Sheba Medical Center has revolutionized the way biopsy tests are conducted, thanks to an artificial intelligence technology developed by the promising Tel Aviv start-up company imagene. This technology allows for the quick identification of cancerous tumors and their specific characteristics, within minutes.

In the first phase, the Sheba Medical Center applied this technology to cancerous tumors, after being pioneers in digital scans of biopsies that were previously transferred between laboratories on fragile glass. With this new technology, patients can receive quick answers to their medical questions even when they are not in the laboratory, and can consult with experts from all over the world.

The computers of the pathology laboratory now work overtime, scanning thousands of different algorithms to identify the characteristics of the tumors and mutations present in it. Within a few minutes, an indication of the type of cancer is obtained so that the medical team knows what treatment and what exact dose to give the patient. This has greatly reduced wait times for patients and has allowed doctors to make more informed decisions about treatment options.

Professor Iris Brashak, director of the pathology laboratory in Sheba and chairman of the Israeli Pathology Association, notes that this technology has turned traditional biopsy testing on its head: “With our advanced technology, we have been able to save lives by providing quick answers to patients who were previously waiting weeks or even months for genetic sequencing results.”

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