Improving Fluid Processing Efficiency through Green Technology by Cavitation Technologies

Cavitation Technologies, Inc., based in Vancouver, Canada, focuses on developing advanced fluid processing technologies. The CEO of the company, Neil Voloshin, recently spoke with Steve Darling from Proactive about their core technology and future plans. Founded in 2008 and publicly traded under the symbol CVAT, Cavitation Technologies specializes in enhancing fluid processing efficiency without disrupting existing processes.

Their proprietary technology works by modifying the physical or molecular structure of fluids, enabling rapid chemical reactions and reducing the need for additional chemicals in various applications. Fluid capacities ranging from 10 to 500 gallons per minute can be handled by this process, which has versatile applications in water remediation, agriculture, vegetable oil refining, and alcoholic beverages.

Recent achievements include a three-year renewal agreement with Desmet Ballestra from Belgium, expected to generate around $1 million in revenue for the year. The company operates with fixed annual costs of $600,000 and enjoys high gross margins of 80-85%. Looking ahead to 2024, Voloshin is optimistic about advancements in water remediation for fracking, produced water treatment, and agriculture.

Cavitation Technologies actively collaborates with government agencies and universities to develop more efficient processes that contribute to environmental sustainability. They aim to continue their trajectory of innovation and growth in the fluid processing industry. For more information on Cavitation Technologies Inc., contact Proactive North America at +1 604-688-8158 or email

By Aiden Johnson

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